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Qingdao Beauty Expo concluded with a perfect ending MYB was in the spotlight on the Expo

2016-05-04 16:09:40 Li-Tek Group Read
The 3 days Qingdao Beauty Expo 2016 from Mar.30th ~Apr.1st gathered all the industry leaders and Beauty Associations around the country. Many more professionals and visitors participated in this cosmetic event. The Expo was a sea of people
Beauty brands boomed and contended on the Expo.All showed their advantages and technology to demonstrate the products which they are proud of. MYB, with the title of Taiwan’s first medical beauty brand and with high-tech beauty technology R & D, design, planning and production strength, stand out and is glaring among other brands. 
On the first day, MYB immediately attracted much attention of many professionals and the visitors. The booth is crowded. MYB’s service staff showed a high affinity and professionalism, and perfectly demonstrated the best maintenance mode in the future – the combination of biotechnology and electronic technology. Many visitors highly interest in highly appreciated MYB’s products, and all asked the service staff to buy MYB’s products


Diversified beauty equipments, global high technology and refined product design attracted many professionals and industry leaders, and they agreed MYB is well deserved and qualified for the title of Taiwan's first medical beauty brand.
Welcome distributors and agents who have interest in our products to consult and join us. Look forward to your arrival!
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