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Cheng Du Beauty Expo Hot Topic: MYB Beauty Care Device create a trendy Brilliant Skin

2016-05-10 15:40:06 Li-Tek Group Read
    The 2016 Cheng Du Beauty Expo, which held from 26 to 28 April 2016 with named as China’s third major Beauty Expo. There were over 800 exhibitors from different countries and organizations, with all professionals and visitors participating the show.


    During the show, MYB booth Taiwan attracts many visitor that interested in our products like RF - Anti-Wrinkle Firming instrument, UI - Ultrasonic device with Ionic export & import function, NS- Nano Beauty sprayer, EM – Beauty Massager device etc.  People felt very novelty and interest in getting more information about the effectiveness of MYB products, they were satisfied with the detail explanation from our staffs.


    When staff explained the defective and vulnerabilities of today’s beauty care mode, it has to combined with Electronic and Biological Technology for coming trend of beauty care maintenance, most of the visitors agreed with our new and creative beauty concept.  At the same time, since MYB was establish in Taiwan and with the honor of “THE NATIONAL PREMIUM PRODUCT AWARD”, people were express with appreciation and affirmation.  Even a member of beauty profession said “MYB which let me see the subtleties of Medical & Beauty Technology from Taiwan”.
    With succeed spread by word of mouth; so many people came to purchase the products after tried.  Moreover, exhibitors also came to observe and communicate with us, which bring up the products of MYB to the hot topic.
    If you are interested in our products, welcome to click the MYB products on Jingdong shopping platform to browse and purchase.  MYB look forward to create a new brilliant skin with radiance and gorgeous face for you!
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