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Dubai Beauty World Middle East 2016

2016-05-24 15:35:18 Li-Tek Group Read
    In recent years, brand MYB became well known for international, spread various country such as United States, Italy, Japan, Thailand etc and impressed many foreigners. And this time, Dubai Beauty World Middle East  2016 is no exception as well.


    During the exhibition, booth of MYB influx of a large number of beauty who came asking and experience our product. Why MYB so much popular? That is because MYB collection of optical, mechanical, electrical and cosmetic medical, focused on studying of various types of women muscle and maintenance of skin details to understand all aspects of a woman's skin care needs and then research and development variety of portable beauty device."


    MYB close to & undrstand woman and heavily in developing a series of products to help women solve dark circles , acne, oil skin, wrinkles and other skin problems. MYB commitment and dedication put into the skin artifact, not only won a prize for good quality of Taiwan, but also access to many world-class professionals appreciated, more impress & panic buying by exhibition audience.

More information at MYB official website


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