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MYB the third time attend Shanghai Beauty Expo Create another beautiful peak season

2016-05-25 15:26:52 Li-Tek Group Read
    MYB a medical and cosmetic brand who create magnificent and self-confidence for all women.  Express a beauty skin energy in Shanghai Beauty Expo, build up the unique confidence and charm to all women.
    The 2016 Shanghai Beauty Expo, MYB gave hopes for all people who love beauty in the exhibition, let them believe that they would build up their brilliant, create an extreme charming and be enchanting.


During the exhibition, we show our most elegant and trendy style of medical and beauty devices with high technology mode of skin care treatment without harm.  Let woman resume their youth and confidence.  Based on this concept, we put effort and studied on every skin care treatment mode, dedicated to evaluate diversify skin care products, bring MYB reward the honor of “THE NATIONAL PREMIUM PRODUCT AWARD” in Taiwan, and all items are selling hot in Asia.


    Previous Shanghai Beauty Expo, MYB booth always led to a high level of public concern, same as this year, large crowds of people come to our booth, we are not only gain a deep supported by the audience, but also won praise from professionals.  With the third time participation of the show, MYB obtain a high degree of recognition and adore.  We are the most dazzling and unique being in Shanghai Beauty Expo.
    If you are interested in our products, welcome to click the MYB products on Jingdong shopping platform to browse and purchase.  MYB look forward to create a new brilliant skin with radiance and gorgeous face for you!
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