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Have a beautiful encounter with MYB in Beijing

2016-06-06 15:21:29 Li-Tek Group Read

MYB, Taiwan’s leading brand in beauty industry, will participate in the international Beauty Fair in Beijing from June 7th, 2016~June 9th, 2016. MYB will show hundreds of skin care products, provide skin care innovation options for women to fight against summer skin problems


Hot summer is approaching, MYB once again go to Chinese capital – Beijing to have a beautiful encounter with you. Do you remember the magnificent event in April in Beijing Beauty Expo? Crowds continued to flux into MYB’s booth. We obtained many praise and feedback, and all commodities are almost sold out. Wonderful performance made MYB one of the best quality manufacturers, and also attracted interviews with the local TV station.


MYB’s outstanding achievement on Beijing Beauty Expo make MYB accumulates many enthusiastic fans. They also look forward to the day we can meet again. The Beauty Fair will create a beauty encounter for each other, and we will have beauty memories together.

 The Beijing Beauty Fair from June 7th ~June 9th, 2016, MYB will exhibit in the new international exhibition center (D01~D04). Welcome friends who love MYB and all new friends who have interest in us.

 MYB website


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