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Science and technology creates natural skin! MYB will show biotech skin care miracle in Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition

2016-07-19 15:12:13 Li-Tek Group Read

International Aviation boutique Swiss LIFETRONS, will lead its high-quality beauty technology brands – MYB attend the biotech exhibition at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall from 2016/7/21 (4) ~7/24.It will show on site the beauty instruments which MYB is proud of ,and will demonstrate how to use high technology to have natural and beautiful appearance without too much makeup, and how to create for women with the beauty of texture and confidence.

  Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition is one of Asia's largest exhibitions. This year is the 14th session. Review the previous exhibitions, the number of visitors is more than 9 million. The international manufacturers participated in 2015 was more than ever before, up to 605 domestic and foreign manufacturers. Presumably this exhibition will influx a large number of visitors. MYB will show a variety of high technology beauty products, and even show our delicate product technology and fineness. 
  MYB has a world - class manufacturing plant, with a number of advanced R & D and manufacturing hardware equipment. It has a collection of medical beauty, optoelectronics, machinery and other professionals; together to research, develop, manufacture and and sell various electronic beauty equipment to solve women all skin problems, Every product of MYB is strictly tested and checked before leaving the factory. Its strict operating procedures obtained a number of international certifications. Therefore, MYB’s products not only have high quality and efficiency, but also are quality boutique among the medical beauty products.
  Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition (7/21~7/24) is coming soon. MYB will display in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Welcome all the friends who love MYB, as well as new friends who are interested in us. Look forward to your arrival.

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