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Cosmobeaute Malasia 2016, MYB will bring the trend of nature beauty

2016-07-19 15:00:08 Li-Tek Group Read
  Swiss boutique LIFETRONS's medical beauty brand – MYB will participate in the Cosmobeaute Malasia and SPA show from 2016/7/18 to 7/21. MYB will lead the fashion trend of natural beauty and bring the worldwide popular portable beauty instruments to the summer beauty feast. MYB will invite all the visitors to feel the activating magic of electronic science and technology, to feel how to have natural skin, and to enjoy together the feast of beauty.
  Cosmobeaute Malasia and SPA show start from 2015. The exhibition rise rapidly in beauty industry, continuously promote Malaysia's beauty industry successfully to the international platform. The exhibition will gather again domestic and foreign top cosmetic manufacturers from Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, China, the United States and other countries to attract more than 10000 visitors. Various manufacturers will compete and present new beauty products to attract
visitors. MYB will carry hundred types of portable beauty equipment products, not only to add lots of brilliant bright to the exihibition, but also to let women feel the the charm of the natural beauty skin
  MYB is the expert of electronic beauty instrument and natural skin care products, with the strength of strong R & D team and high-tech equipments. We developed different types of products, such as RF radio frequency series, UI ultrasonic series, EP micro-current series, water purification and flexible composite 24K series. MYB’s heart and persistence make women savor the natural beauty created by the new and high technology.
Cosmobeaute Malasia and SPA show (7/18~7/21 is coming soon. MYB will display in Putra World Trade Center (3B10). Welcome all the friends who love MYB, as well as new friends who are interested in us. Look forward to your arrival.

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