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The Swiss medical and beauty brand Lifetrons MYB perfectly enter Beijing Capital Mall

2016-07-22 14:58:41 Li-Tek Group Read

    Swiss boutique Lifetrons’s high-quality medical beauty brand MYB, will enter Beijing Capital Mall and will open on July 21, 2016. Lifetrons MYB’s counter is located in the 1st floor (opposite to Starbucks) of the Capital Mall. The counter, designed with red and white collocation, is particularly conspicuous among other brands. With delicate and elegant beauty instruments, Lifetrons MYB will bring consumers a visual idea of delicate sense of beauty.

    Lifetrons MYB perfectly combines Swiss design technology and Taiwan R & D strength, creating a variety of delicate and efficient portable beauty instruments. We pooled a number of design, R & D and manufacturing talents to commit to research and develop different efficacy skin beauty technology for females. We design delicate and elegant appearance, manufacture high quality and good beauty instruments. Hope to bring consumers the feeling of the beauty of Philosophy - the texture of life
    Lifetrons MYB will open on July 21, 2016 in Beijing Capital Mall. Welcome friends who want to become beautiful to visit our counter. There are more time-limit preferential activities at the opening scene more.

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