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ITCS Made a Hit in MEDICA

2016-11-23 14:35:25 Li-Tek Group Read

ITCS, a professional producer of medical instrument achieved great success as an exhibitor in this year’s MEDICA (14-17 Nov 2016), demonstrating strong R&D competence and professionality, attracting a crowd of visitors from the medical field.



As a first-timer to the show, ITCS brought its best professional monitoring devices including Intelligent Heart Rate Watch, Dual Antenna Physiological Parameter Measurement Watch, IR Physiological Parameter Measurement Wristband and Skin Detector. All these groundbreaking devices present ITCS devotion and dedication. ITCS also displayed some unlaunched new products which drew visitors’ attention and became a hot topic of discussion.



ITCS is not just the expert of wearable medical electronics and remote monitoring home care devices but the guardian of the health of the whole family. To know more about our products, please visit our website

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