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ASEAN BEAUTY 2017 - Swiss Lifetrons beauty device shows magic in Thailand

2017-04-27 14:38:48 Li-Tek Group Read

Swiss beauty boutique brands - Lifetrons will show up at Bangkok beauty exhibition from  2017/4/27 (Thursday) to 4/29 (Saturday). You will see a variety of beauty apparatus at the show, such as lifting & smooth wrinkle; ultrasonic tender skin, thermage facial lift, moisturizing spray, massaging care..etc. and we will demonstrate beauty device’s functions and promote future trend of skincare  -  using science beauty care, recover your skin to initial beauty condition.


.        Lifetrons originally came from Switzerland which has a broad popularity all over the world and have ISO9001 certification, GMPC certification, the third party certification and Germany Red Dot Award.  Lifetrons entered cosmetic market in 2016, using scientific skin care to restore beautiful skin, creating delicate texture beauty for customers. Liftrons insists on the Swiss creation process and spirit of immortality, Lifetrons beauty devices has been designated a popular sales brand at most of famous airports and airlines, like Lufthansa, Swiss airlines, cathay Pacific and has being become a high quality boutique brand in people’s heart.




       The upcoming 2017 ASEAN beauty exhibition in Bangkok starts from 4/27 (Thursday) to 4/29 (Saturday), Lifetrons will join the show at H2 exhibition hall in Bangkok International Exhibition Center, we warmly welcome Lifetrons loyal friends and new friends nationwide to visit us and we expect to meet with you all at the Show.

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