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Mr Fred Tseng from Hi-shock : where there is 3D, there is Hi-shock

2014-09-05 17:02:17 Li-Tek Group Read

Although it seems to be a little bit trouble to watch 3D contents with 3D glasses, however, this couldn’t stop the 3D tide rolling in. Now, 3D is widely used in theater, television, Internet cafes, projection and other industries. This year, the high-end television products lunched by both domestic and foreign household electrical appliance enterprises are almost all 3D TV. Besides, all kinds of 3D film have released one after another, which further activated the 3D Market.At the same time, with the development of 3D TV and 3D films, 3D glasses as the necessary and important tools have also developed rapidly in a short period of time. As strong as a rising industry, the development of 3D glasses has witnessed the revival of the whole 3D industry and the growth of hi-shock , the professional 3D glasses manufacturer. This time, “3D China” will take you into Hi-shock, and R & D director Mr. Fred Tseng, sharing how Hi-shock clear a path in the field of 3D.






A brave and fearless pioneer

In 2007," Avatar" was not shown. For many people, the concept of 3D are still not very clear, 3D glasses market is not developed.Hi-shock, which original engaged in the research and development of wireless, infrared, remote control and other electronic products, resolutely choose to enter 3D field and developed his 3D glasses for cinema. The cinema had some requirements on the 3D glasses then, that are the glasses should be stronger and waterproof and can be regular disinfected. Through his unremitting efforts, Hi-shock finally successfully developed the glasses that meet the requirements. The glasses formally listed for sale in the third quarter of 2009, which produced a great sensation. The 3D glasses were exported to France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and other developed countries and regions. The glasses are the “pioneer” series of all Hi-shock glasses. Therefore, the president of the company named the glasses “A “type. At present, a type glasses ceased production. After the success of A type glasses, Hi-shock pursuit to develop new technology and a series of new type glasses A+,B,C,D,… V was worked out one after another. 



At present, Hi-shock main 3D glasses are active shutter glasses and the 3D products cover almost 3D TV, cinema, 3D projectors .etc.Considering 3D TV only, for the 16 main TV brands in the world which almost dominate the whole 3D TV market, HI-shock, with the advanced technology and his experience in 3D field, had successfully overcome the barriers of all kinds and finally launched the corresponding compatible glasses including those works on TV of strong technology made in Japan and Korea.

Hi- shock includes a wide range of products. So far, Hi-shock has produced 18 different series of products, each series is applied for a patent, or even for patents in other different countries. One type of Hi-shock’s 3D glasses is designed especially for people who wear glasses, myopia, hyperemia, or astigmatism. The 3D glasses can be directly hung in the original glasses. The weight of the 3D glasses of this kind is very light which won the title as the lightest 3D glasses in the world. People feel little pressure when wearing. Now, the 3D glasses have been put into production and received a good the market response.

Moreover,Hi-Shock is also leading in all over the world developed a 3d glasses which is completely not flicker at all and it is able to compatible with all brands 3D TVs.  This is the most important developed product for Hi-Shock at the present ,  and it is applying the patent now . To the 3D TV retailer  ,   the 3D TV brands are too much and complex .  Although many 3D TV suppliers set up 3D glasses when they selling 3D TVs ,but match givening the 3D TVs can’t satisfy the family use,also each 3D TV suppliers’ 3D glasses are not able to compat-iblewith each other ,consumers need many 3d glasses to watch different 3D TVS , thus make greatly waste. Hi-Shock developed this type 3d glasses will greatly improve this situation, the 3d glasses is also the lightest type all over the world at present . Meanwhile for the 3D cinema , Hi-Shock is also developing compatible 3D glasses , the 3D glasses will make people don’t share 3D glasses with the others ,it will apply the 3D cinema,D projector and such end equipment, hand a pair of 3d glasses ,more safety and healthy , Also with personalized and fashion sense .

3D glasses although looks like the sun glasses , as if everyone can make it . but in fact,3D glasses is high technology content products. In addition to the external framework, the most important parts are the inner control electronic parts and the central control processing chip . The central control processing chip controlled the start ,work ,suspended , stop and so on . The earliest enterprises in domestic who has the independent ability to make active shutter 3d glasses is Hi-Shock Digital Corporation. From product planning,electronic hardware and software design , mechanic design ,mould design , plastic injection and product package , Hi-shock is not outsourcing , all work were made by itself , makes it’s development more faster, Compared with the other brand products is more difference .


Because there is no previous experience can learn from ,it requests us must thinking from marketing, integrated marketing feedback,including retailers ,cinemas,TV suppliers such aspect opinions , fully considering the different needs of customers in different areas. Such as different wearer’s head difference , position of glasses , nose shape and so on,all these factors must be deeply considered . We also need consider more factors for the children customized 3D glasses . 3D glasses is different from general electronic products, in addition to the function, should also notice human engineering , comfort and to be long wear . Thus,weight and shape ,such all should be considered . The extension of the glasses, fluctuation curves are all should match vision, ultimately should make users feel comfortable . Mr Fred Tseng said:“Science and technology always service in human, we have been working to improve 3D glasses Achilles’ heel-weight , will pursuit endless to 3D glasses light and comfort.

The product which produced from market consideration ,must greatly welcomed when launched in the market.Hi-Shock aim at different usage, different 3D TV brands , cinemas and different people(such as woman,children ,and old man) designed each series active shutter 3d glasses more than dozens of styles,mass production ability is about 500-600 thousands pieces every month , it will breakthrough a million pieces when this Q4 is coming , and it may breakthrough more than a million pieces each month the next year . The main market is America,Europe, India,China,Russia and so on . Mr Fred Tseng Zhi Di You Sheng :“Where there is 3D,there is Hi-Shock.”

Just about this fearless spirit , Hi-Shock expend the market all the way,becomes to the worthy No. 1 in the 3D glasses industry . According to conservative estimates that about fill up more than sixty percent of the whole market share.

Follow the trend of the rapids in the public easily Conservative

Along with 3D market becomes more hotter, more and more enterprises have entered into 3D industry . Ever been succeed Hi-Shock in the 3D fields quickly realized a seriously fact  .  that is more and more adversary comes,the competition is more and more fierce.“When enter into this in  dustry, Many enterprises don’t have technology, experience and don’t invest development cost, Can only go plagiarize and fake of the route .” Mentioned this point,Mr Fred Tseng feels some hopeless. Being the leader of the 3D glasses,Hi-Shockbecomesto the imitate target of some enterprises .

Many middle or small scale enterprises , don’t invest any development cost ,but choose to completely plagiarize the other’s development results . It results Hi-Shock’s product from electronic software and hardware ,also the structure were greatly plagiarized by some enterprises, so there are too many same shape 3D glasses in different brands in the market . When consumer can’t realize , may choose the low function and bad quality products. More and more chaotic market competition ,plus there is not unified industry standard makes the knockoff 3d glasses full filled the market.

For this situation ,Mr Fred Tseng sees very open:“Only when the industry in the mature process, competition will becomes more fierce ,that also proves market is more capable and will continue expending .So in a certain extent ,   competition is a good news  .”  In any  industry, competition can’t  be avoid and no way to prevent product from being imitate and plagiarize. But we will try our best ,with our own advantage, try to play in our fields ,  try our best to satisfy customer’s needs ,  face to each problem directly , request  ourselves  further make more high quality 3D glasses . With the professional quality,best service , proper price , we will gain the market automatic which we should gain . Mr Fred Tseng also reminder consumer: “ Using the low quality 3D glasses , will directly influence the visual effect , more worse ,poor material 3d glasses will damage uers’s eyes .”


Meanwhile, as the 3D glasses become homogenized, he points out that the price war can not be avoided. But besides the price war, new product with high quality and high technic will be the leader. We can not always focus on the price war, we must improve the product quality with a reasonable price. “Our major market is the high-end user, but due to many kinds of products we owned, so low-end user is our market, too. We have many unique products, which can cover the whole maret.”

Therefore, Mr FredTseng requests every product should be unique, to satisfy every customer in the world. So far, the R&D team has done all the glasses as per the request. The glasses is the leader in the world, such as it has the best image, the most powerful function, the lightest weight, which makes it very comfortable and fashion. They are one of the first enterprise that produce the child glasses and the glasses for nearsighted people special.

Unremitting in the shutter type 3D road 

As the leader of the 3D glasses field, Hi-Shock has the best product, and sales market is the biggest. For example, on the active theater system, Hi-Shock’s share is over 60%; and in China market, Hi-Shock’s share for theater and 3DTV is over 80%, and the market shares is keep on going. Be a formal theater, the 3D system must pass the DCI approval. Hi-Shock, is the only one who pass the DCI approval in China, which makes Hi-Shock more confident in the 3D field.

For the 3D war between shutter glasses and polarized glasses, Hi-Shock always insists on the shutter glasses. Mr FredTseng said confirmedly, “The shutter glasses’s image is the real Full HD, it has a better 3D image. The flicker is caused by the fluorescent lamp.The shutter glasses has a wide view angle, it’s hard to see the ghost image.” Due to the limited work theory, the polarized glasses can only achieve the standard definition, the view angle is limited, and it’s easy to see the ghost. Meanwhile, Mr FredTseng expressed that the shutter glasses and the polarized glasses are controlled by the monitor industry. The 3D glasses manufacture, even the 3DTV manufacture, they are influenced by the monitor industry. The monitor industry’s stragety will influence the whole 3D industry. Even on the polarized glasses market, the technology s low, but the profit and technical are also controlled by the monitor industry. As per the info from end user, shutter glasses is still the leader on the 3D market. Compared with polarized glasses, shutter glasses has more professdional technology. Especially for the high-end user, shutter glasses is a must for the big size equipment. Recently, the four company such as samsung are work together to make a standard for the 3D glasses, to solve the related problem of 3D, which is a good news for Hi-Shock, we can expect that Hi-Shock’s compatible glasses with high quality will bring us better experience and benefits.

Regarding the 3D development, Mr FredTseng said, “The most popular time for 3D will be the next 2 or 3 years. As pushed by the 3DTV, the 3D glasses’s prevalence is better than we expected. There is no doubt that the monitor end-user is ahead of the content, although there is not too much 3D content we can watch now, but TV is not an expendable, consider the future, even there is no 3D content right now, consumer will still continue to buy the 3DTV.” About the naked eye 3D, it will appear in 50 or 60 years later. Although recently there are naked eye 3D on the market, but the mature needs a very long time.

Consider the situation, Hi-Shock will continue to work on the 3D field, insist on the market, the self-developed and the quality. Mr FredTseng said, “3D is a new field, we are still studing on it. And we need to keep working hard to survie in the market. Survival of the fittest. So, we will keep the lead, continue to provide the unique product and the overall service to all customer. In a word, where there is 3D, there is Hi-Shock!”

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