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Congratulations to Li-Tek Technology group sponsored Taiwan representative won the silver medal in international skills competitions.

2014-09-05 15:56:31 Li-Tek Group Read
Congratulations to Li-tek Group sponsored Taiwan representative which is led by the international experts in the field of Mechatronics (Li-tek Group’s research advisor) Dr. Chen Zhentai won the World Skills Competition silver medal! It competed with 32 strong teams around the world in the International Skills Competition (WSC2013) of Mechatronics category held in Leipzig of German.  After four days of intense competition and was finally ahead of Japan, South Korea, the Taiwan representative became the Asia's best team and won the World Skills Competition silver medal. 
Li-Tek Group, which was founded in 2000 in Taiwan, is the global leading-edge consumer electronics provider and also an OEM&ODM High-technology enterprise integrating the most perfect medical and beauty equipments with the biotechnology. In 2012, Li-Tek Group was granted as the High-technology enterprise and Key enterprise of Guang Dong Province. It is a member of American Consumer Electronics Association ( CEA) as well as the organizer of Chinese 3D standard association. Its brand Hi-SHOCK is the only one being approved by DCI (Disney) in Asia. The subcompany Li-Tek biologic Technology CO,.LTD had been certified by the GMPC standard and ISO22716. The purification of the workshops is up to the standard of 100000-level dust-free, which can be used for producing deluxe skin-care products. Besides, Li-Tek Group also won hundreds of patents and copyrights and had been approved by the ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004. The strong R&D strength, sophisticated manufacturing process, completed management system, active and innovative thinking, cutting-edge vision and diversified industry and development are the advantages of Li-Tek Group. Li-Tek’s business scope covers electronics technology, beauty equipments, biotechnology, catering business, brand channel.
Li Tek Group attaches great importance to the development of technology, adhere to the science and technology be the core competitiveness, and technology are primary productive forces, spends a lot of effort in the field of science and technology every year. Meanwhile, it established a set of scientific talent management system and perfect talent incentive system in order to recruit more profound theoretical knowledge and practical experience of professional and technical personnel
Li Tek Group insists on its own and the source, fundamentally spares no effort to develop the talents that in line with development needs of the group, and also develops the promotion and common development of professional and industry by jointly promoting the overall technology cooperation of enterprises and schools.

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