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Taiwan's first 4DX theater use Hi-SHOCK 3D cinema system in Taipei Xinyi Vieshow opening

2014-09-05 15:54:25 Li-Tek Group Read
Taiwan's first 4DX theater in Taipei Xinyi Vieshow opening on 11th July, press conference Mark Chao was invited to grab the first incense experience, he put on his Hi-SHOCK 3D glasses to experience the movie and the characters in the film due to a high degree of shaking, mist, flash, wind and air flow and other equipment, then he excitedly said: "This movie is too exciting, scared the daylights, suddenly shaking so badly, very exciting, various elements are present, cool."
Hi-SHOCK 3D brand, which is subordinated to Li-Tek Technology Group and integrating R & D, production and sales, is mainly responsible for global 3D brand operations. It is the only one being approved by DCI (Disney) in Asia. In 2011, Hi-SHOCK co-produced the world's only 3D glasses standard protocol "full HD stereoscopic glasses standard protocol" with the joint of well-known TV brands, brands cinema of China and aboard, it had a profound impact on broad in the field and got the strong support and acceptation of enterprise in the field.
The customers of Hi-SHOCK 3D brand are throughout the world. Its sophisticated products are widely used in theater, family 3D TV, fairs, exhibition halls and other occasions, and win great praise of every one who wore Hi-SHOCK 3D glasses.

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