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Hi-Shock Pass the DCI approval

2014-09-05 15:32:52 Li-Tek Group Read
Hi-Shock Pass the DCI approval Be the SOLE 3D glasses provider who get the DCI approval in Taiwan China From cutting a dash on Shenzhen High-Tech Fair, to publishing the new products on Beijing Big Screen Fair, and to annoucing the lightest 3D Active Glasses in the world on China Consumer Electrical Fair, Hi-Shock attracts the media and consumers, and also wins respect from counterparts.
As the biggest 3D active glasses provider in the world, Hi-Shock always lead the industry. Now, the other most important time is coming--- Hi-Shock pass the DCI approval, and become the only 3D active glasses provider who has the DCI approval in China.
So far, Disney Cinema Company is the only one Hollyood company who hasn’t been traded. Since CEO MichaelD.Eisner assumed office in 1984, he made the Disney from the 8th to 1st in the cinema industry. After purchased the independent Miramax Films and Pixar Animation Studios, Disney has consolidated his position.
To keep Disney’s top quality, Disney established the standard for the details and procedure; to ensure consumers get the best view, Disney established a strict test procedure (DCI) for digital cinema system. Only the suppliers who pass their test procedure can be on their approval list; otherwise, the suppliers are not allowed to sell their equipments. The application area of DCI is in the worldwide. Once Disney found the company who is not use the equipment shows on the approval list, Disney has the right to stop them playing the Disney movies. 
So this time Hi-Shock pass the Hollywood Disney Cinema system approval is extraordinary. Hi-Shock’s products get the approval from the top grade cinema company, and she is also the only one company who get this kind of approval in China.

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