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Bangkok International Cosmetics and Beauty Products Exhibition will be opened on Aprils 8,2015

2015-04-07 17:20:56 Li-Tek Group Read
Aseanbeauty 2015@BKK
Address:Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) 
Booth No.:Hall 103@D2
   Bangkok International Cosmetics and Beauty Products Exhibition will be opened on Aprils 8, 2015, it is one of Asia's largest exhibition beauty salons famous. Li Turk (LI-TEK) Technology Group will bring its two Beauty skincare brand MYSTERY BEAUTY (MYB), MYSTERY WATER&WHITE (M2W) to attend the meeting on display, enter this huge beauty market in Southeast Asia, while speeding up the group Beauty internationalization process!
    LI-TEK Technology Group from Taiwan, is a cutting-edge electronic technology and high-tech bio-technology combines high-tech enterprise, the proposed high-tech bio-technology and high-tech electronic Beauty skin care technology to create medical devices combining beauty the sound system in the beauty industry has a very good reputation!
   MYSTERY BEAUTY (MYB) is established biotech Beauty LI-TEK high-end brand positioning. From the US(MYSTERY BEAUTY Beauty Bio technology companies, in the United States in the years of natural health products and skin care products formulation development. Honey poetic beauty brands for skin problems of urban women, white collar of natural skin care for the demands of the US high-tech uses, as raw material extraction of natural plant extracts to nourish delicate skin of different muscle, the Asian beauty industry and create a new skin trend.
MYSTERY BEAUTY (MYB) electronic medical beauty equipment performance brand not only species diversity, and a significant effect, even up to the level of professional beauty salons. Her product design requirements closely follow the international fashion trends,fashion elements lively and varied; serious development process, strict production process, strict quality control, careful materials selection, are  MYSTERY BEAUTY (MYB) This high-end brands the core essence. Professional beauty equipmentfrom large to small, delicate beauty equipment, is designed for study some skin problemsoften encountered by women, equipped with a variety of positive and negative ions, such as ultrasound, radio frequency (RF), color light, vacuum, alternating hot and cold other fashion professional beauty technology to improve skin problems, reshape young beautifulBody! In Taiwan, the selection of high-quality corporate activities in the year 103, MYSTERY BEAUTY (MYB) brand four electronic medical beauty equipment was "TaiwanExcellent Quality Award" this high honor!
   MYSTERY WATER&WHITE (M2W) is Taiwan's LI-TEK Technology Group and a number of well-known scholars and doctoral bilateral US law into new areas of expertise to build a network of biotechnology first brand sales, for the young women of Asian ethnicity oily skin, acne, youth smallpox research and other issues, a variety of natural herbal ingredients selection, technical success through cold extraction 3 Natural Essence from Yukino camellias, bloom and licorice of Snow-skin (3 heavy snow Yan plant extracts), can quickly start soothe, repair, protective, moisturizing, brighten, smooth skin of six energy, giving you the natural beauty of bright young girlhood. With excellent quality and price close to the people so that early adopters become the trend of people flock to taste, but also won many beauty industry experts praise and respected.
   MYSTERY WATER&WHITE (M2W)  have their own electronic medical beauty equipment R & D team and production workshop. Independent research and development of products stylish and elegant, compact design, exquisite and delicate, simple and easy to operate. Product performance is not only variety, but also a significant effect. For a variety of skin problems encountered by women, d MYSTERY WATER&WHITE (M2W)brand electronic medical beauty equipment can effectively Whitening, clean pores, remove wrinkle lines, repair, etc. Blemish relieve fatigue. Selection of high-quality companies in Taiwan 103 annual events, the MYSTERY WATER&WHITE (M2W) brand several electronic medical equipment to get the United States' National Quality Gold Award, "the highest honor!
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