Li-Tek Group



  • Lifetrons

    LIFETRONS originated in the northeast city St Gallen of the Swiss.It is the Swiss brand which design high quality, small , light electronic equipment and accessories. It set offices in Asia in 2005, and actively expand the duty-free goods market and introduce more types of products.

  • ITCS

    ITCS(Intelligent Take Care SYSTME) was founded in 2014. It is a medical brand under Li-Tek Group. ITCS mainly design, manufacture and sell wearable electronic medical and remote home care devices.

  • Mystery

    Mystery (Mystère Biologique Technology Co., Ltd) is a professional high-tech company from France who specializes in anti-aging molecule extraction from natural plants.

  • M2W

    M2W is the leading brand on the internet sales channels created by Taiwan's Li-Tek Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. and a team of prominent scholars and doctors in the field of biotechnology from both the United States and France, which aims at oily skin, pimples, acne and other skin problems for Asian women.

  • Hi-Shock

    Hi-Shock Digital Technologies Co,Ltd was founded in 2007 , is the world leading 3D brand company under Li-Tek group , it integrates evelopment,manufacturing,selling as one system,mainly take charge of the operation of world 3D brands.

  • Mystery Coffee

        Mystery Coffee is a Taiwanese restaurant chain brand of Li-Tek Corporation. With eighteen years experience in catering business, we established the first branch with reasonable price

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