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    Hi-Shock Digital Technologies Co,Ltd was founded in 2007 , is the world leading 3D brand company under Li-Tek group , it integrates evelopment,manufacturing,selling as one system,mainly take charge of the operation of world 3D brands.In 2007,the founder of Hi-SHOCK has acuted discovered , Stereoscopic 3D will be a trend to the movie and TV in near future.thus,Hi-SHOCK birthed in Taiwan and has founded the 3D labs in XinZhu,Taiwan .After founded , Hi-SHOCK is focus on the development,selling ,the presentation technology of 3D vision, anti-interference 3D signal protocol technology ,IR 3D protocol technology. Bluetooth,RF 3D protocol technology and so on ,it's 3D color optimization is continously developing . At the end of 2008,the first cinema active 3D glasses and 3D system birthed,they were certificated by Disney,Hollywood in USA,and also Hi-SHOCK was appointed to be the unique qualified supplier of active shutter 3D glasses and 3D system in the whole Asia .Since then Hi-SHOCK active shutter 3D glasses world-renowned and has leading the 3D revolution .


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