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     Mystery (Mystère Biologique Technology Co., Ltd) is a professional high-tech company from France who specializes in anti-aging molecule extraction from natural plants.

     Working together with Li-Tek Bio-Tech Co., Ltd since 2008, with a number of prominent scholars and doctors in the field of biotechnology from both the United States and France, Mystery was able to develop a number of new biotechnology patents such as the extraction and the unleashing of the active ingredients from three natural plants for whitening and anti-aging products indicating that it has a strong R&D team in the field of biotechnology. 
      The creation of Mystery brand in 2010 aims at the skin problems of mature Asian females, with carefully selected top quality natural raw ingredients imported from France and industry leading bio-tech, replenishes lost nutrients and smoothes fine lines, as well as anti-oxidation and repairs damaged skin, injects vitality while returning the glory of youthful skin.



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