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   ITCS(Intelligent Take Care SYSTME) was founded in 2014. It is a medical brand under Li-Tek Group.  ITCS mainly design, manufacture and sell wearable electronic medical and remote home care devices.  Based on the nature of caring for loved ones, ITCS uses high technology to design devices to detect the physical condition of the human body, so that users can monitor the whole family's health status at any time. 

   Through wireless transmission technology, the detected physiological signals can be transmitted to the mobile device on the APP.  In addition to a long time record of the real value of the measured data, it can also give a timely warning to the measured abnormal value. This mental signal measurement value can also be uploaded to the cloud database via mobile devices (mobile phones), can be monitored at any time to master the physical condition of the family to reduce the incidence of unexpected risks. ITCS is not a cold model of high-tech science and technology; it is a science and technology that maintain the well-being of the family.

   The health of a family is the greatest happiness in life.ITCS is a smart technology, with love to take care of your health and happiness.


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