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Li-Tek technology group was founded in 2000.With 12 years development, it has grown from the original electronic OEM factory into a high technology group involved in diversified industries.


◆ Lixing Electronics Technology CO.,Ltd was founded in Taiwan zhunian, focusing on LCD MODULE OEM.


◆  Company Operation had been upgraded to an ODM manufacturing, and supplied COB and LCM odules for many nternational beep pager and telephone companies, such as VDS, DBTEL Group (Taiwan).


◆ Successfully supplied professional COB & LCD modules to game application companies, Working for Medeli, Meike, Aierke……


◆ Developed the first wireless remote control toy for KFC Group and formally involved in the R&D of wireless product since then.


◆ Became the biggest remote control manufacturer, supplied Infra-Red, Radio Frequency and LCD remote controller for worldwide famous brands, Working for GBM, MASTEK, HAIER, and PHILIPS etc……


◆ Cooperated with Kumulatan (Japan) and developed the fastest charger with the longest cycle life and successfully passed PSE certified professional manufacturer on the project. Working for the brands such as MAXELL,HITACHI.Designed special main control PCB for AZKOYEN who is the biggest vending machine supplier in Europe


◆ Cooperated with one of “the Top Three” security system companies in USA and launched various wireless commercial security and alarm systems. Working for exclusive shop of brands such as Nokia, Motorola and Nikon.


◆ Successfully developed CHIPS hospital bacteria inspection and disease prevention system for XXX Company in USA and owned many utility patents. And developed sunglasses UV protection inspecting system and UV currency detector system, using the theory of long wave ultraviolet radiation, Working for bank and Macy's supermarket. Supplied LED communication module to SIEMENS.
◆ Li-Tek Biologic Technology Co,.LTD ,which was funded by Li-Tek Group, specializes in R&D of the application and production of the effective components of the natural plants. It is also a professional agent of international famous biotech products, selling health-care food which is particularly beneficial and nutritious to female.
◆ The 3D product brand Hi-SHOCK was created in Taiwan by Li-Tek group. It is mainly responsible for the 3D brand operation by integrating R&D , production, sale. A 3D laboratory was established in hsinchu, Taiwan.


◆ Successfully developed active RFID application system and sold to Australia, combined with solar technology and developed solar auto-sensing alarm system which was applied in professional farming. with years of experience in the field of LCD and IR wireless communication technology, Li-Tek successfully developed cinema 3D active glasses and supplied XPAND with 3D products which were firstly exhibited in cinema festival 2008 (Singapore).
◆ Li-Tek Biologic Technology Co,.LTD cooperated with Taiwan top medical colleges to establish its subsidiary laboratory. The laboratory specializes in research of bio-cosmetic, bio-health-care food and bio-medicine.


◆ Developed lighter and more professional active 3D glasses for global leading cinema equipment suppliers and obtained many design patents.
◆ Li-Tek Biologic Technology Co,.LTD invested huge to found the experimental farm in Chunan base, Taiwan . Miaoli. The farm is 3000 square meters. It is managed by use of advanced international management mode of modern organic farm. Another organic farm, covering 400,000 square meters, was founded in Gaozhou City, Guangzhou province.It is next to Gaozhou reservoir, the called one of the ten reservoirs in China.


◆ Li-Tek Electronics Technology Co,.LTD supplied professional 3D equipments to many famous brands. Some of them passed Hollywood Disney 3D equipment certification and it also successfully launched kinds of application modes and home active 3D glasses for all brands and obtained design patents. It is the first 3D equipment supplier to passed Hollywood Disney 3D equipment certification.
◆ Li-Tek Biologic Technology Co,.LTD founded the modern & the first-class experimental center in Pingdong Agriculture and biology technology park in Taiwan. The center has developed more quality biotechnology products and has introduced the world's top and high-end biotech products. The chain living halls, which are especially for women, were founded in many places in China or even other places in Asia. The professional sales teams always render the best service to every customer with their professional knowledge and skills.


◆ Li-tek became a professional ODM manufacturer of alarm system and products distributed to worldwide market. Li-tek became a professional ODM manufacturer of active RFID system and products distributed to worldwide market.The lightest active 3D glasses was developed and launched by Li-Tek, who is now the biggest 3D related ODM manufacturers in the world, and successfully launched the first break-through "zero-flicker" active 3D glasses and owned a series of patents. Full HD RF 3D Glasses Standard Protocol which is the first 3D standard set by Chinese ourselves, was launched by Li-Tek. Many domestic and foreign well-known brands TV manufacturers and film equipment suppliers supported and joint the protocol.
◆ Mystery skin care company was founded in Dongguan City, Huangjiang Town, which is responsible for the sales of Mystery brand and other agent cosmetics ,skin care products .Four skin care products stores have been opened in Changpin Dongtian, Changping Zhongyuan, Dalang & Huangjiang, which starts its entering into the national market from the area of the Pearl river.
◆ Mystery catering company was founded in Dongguan city, Huangjiang town, which is responsible for the operation of the direct chain stores and its Napa stores. Four stores have been opened respectively in Changpin Dongtian, Changping Zhongyuan, Dalang & Huangjiang, which starts its entering into the national market from the area of the Pearl river


◆ Li-Tek Group proposed a completed beauty theory with Taiwanese characteristic that advanced high-tech medical electronics and beauty equipment use combining with the advanced bio-tech cosmetic and skin care product.

◆ Established Dongguan Li-Tek Biologic Technology Co.,ltd. Leading the trending of cosmetics product OEM/ODM service. The company has built GMPC certificated 100K clean workshop, and strictly complied the ISO 22716 quality inspection guideline, to provide one stop cosmetic product manufacturing service which including cosmetic bottles tooling build, injection and filling. All the packing bottles are produced by Li-Tek rather than out-sourcing, thus ensure the quality and cleanliness of the package and its inner content.

◆ Extended product service scope, successfully entered into the medical electronic and beauty equipment field. Launched various high-tech beauty care equipment and portable oxygen generator, and applied many invention and utility patents.

◆ Built MYB Chain store brand, the brand specially designed for vulnerable skin and the need of the skin of Asian people, and it has opened up a new beauty care trending for Asian beauty.

◆ At the background of international economic recession and domestic currency inflation, Li-Tek Electronics technology Co., Ltd was granted “The Top 6 Taxpayer Company” by the government. The faithful and powerful strength of company was unanimously acknowledged by our customers.


◆ Explored Asian Pacific market, set up branch company in HongKong, its service covering customers from east Asia, Southeast Asia countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

◆ Taiwan first 4DX cinema opened. the cinema adopted Li-Tek group’s subordinate brand Hi-SHOCK branded 3D cinema equipment. With its advanced 3D image technology, the 3D equipment presents audiences a new era ultra-HD 3D vision.

◆ Attended China Beauty Expo 2013, the group was highly assessed by Dr. Shi YanXiang, Minister of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, who is also a ChD of MIT America, for its achievement on the area of Electronic medical and beauty, biotechnology and beauty care brands.

◆ The group launched its top brand “Mystery”, collaborated with France natural biologic technology company- Mystère Biologique Technology Co., Ltd. By importing top-level natural raw material and tip-top biologic technology, combine with an international biologic technology talent team that formed by renowned scholars and doctors of professional field, the company has powerful R&D capability in the field hi-tech biologic technology and was achieve numerous patents.


◆ Celebration: In Taiwan Year103 quality enterprises selection activities, the brand MYB under Li-Tek Group won the "excellent quality award" and its brand M2W won the "national quality gold award"! The both honors again enhance the brands’ image and enrich the value of the brands. It is not only a praise of the two brands on the strict control of quality, but also an encouragement for brands to seek a greater future, it also prompts the brand to guarantee a long-term quality assurance to consumers.

◆ The company was granted with “China Good Quality Manufacturer” by the Germany Rhine TUV certification. Its manufacturing capacity, quality monitoring and environment get great affirmation of international customers.

◆ The cosmetic brand Mystery beauty under Li-Tek Group set up its counters in Guangdong leading department store Tianhong, providing high-tech combined with the natural skin care products and bringing the most professional, most comprehensive, the most authoritative fashion and trend of beauty!

◆ Cooperated with Hunan TV’s hot shopping channel Happigo, Li-Tek Group launched MYB brand portable thermage beauty instrument and M2W brand facial mask, attracting large audience’s eyeball over the country and creating a new sales record!

◆ Li-Tek Group set up Japanese sales department to enter Japanese market. The group’s influence in the beauty industry was further enhanced in the whole East Asia.

◆  The chain restaurant brand Mystery coffee of Li-Tek Group open the fifth western restaurant in Dongkeng town of Dongguan city.

◆ The Changping and Huangjiang Mystery coffee western restaurants launched self-help salad and food service to cater to different customers’ tastes and demand. The whole food and beverage department have the courage to innovate, to break up the market limitation and to refine service category, which shows the catering service of the group is continuously developed and becoming mature


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