Li-Tek Group

About LI-TEK

Group Culture

Core concept:
Cultivating elite team, adapting to environmental changes, creating a lifelong career.
Common expectations:
We dedicate to technology and innovation, and enjoy the values and happiness from it.
We want to be the most prestigious and service-oriented chain of restaurant with maximum profitability in the world.
 We will take responsibilities for the society and will contribute to it as possible as we can.
Our business spirit: integration, responsibility, and progress.
Our growth orientation: stability, development, science and technology, international
Our cultural identity:
Hard work.
Solidarity and cooperation, resource sharing.
Contributions will be rewarded.
Our core competitiveness: speed, quality, technology, flexibility, cost.
Various cultural activities:
Group’s growth and development is inseparable from understanding and dedication of the staff.
Li-tek is a young, diversified group company.A variety of activities can cultivate.

bodies and minds of the staff, making the staff closer with the company.




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